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Go Behind The Scenes In The Studio With Cassadee Pope

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered May 10, 2013

We're so so SO excited to hear what Cassadee Pope has in store for her newest release and we're going to guess that it will showcase her amazing voice and show off her country side. While writing and recording in Nashville, Cassadee sat down for a short, but sweet video to give fans a behind the scenes look at what she has been up to in the studio!

Are you as excited as we are for Cassadee's new album?!

Let us know in the comments below!

Do YOU Want To Be The Next Star Of The X-Factor?!

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered May 10, 2013

Throughout the singing competitions, especially ones like The Voice we've seen some of our favorites audition, and even win (ahem, Cassadee Pope). Some of you probably dream of being on a show like that, and lucky for you, you don't need to be in a major city to audition anymore. X-Factor is now letting contestants tryout via YouTube videos!

We've seen all sorts of amazing talent all over our site from your cover videos to the Emerging Talent you have pushed over the passed few months, so why not give it a whirl and send in your video? Who knows who could be the next big star! 

It's super simple to audition; all you have to do is register, submit an intro video, and your submission video! 

Check out all the details on X-Factors site!

What next Buzznet band member would you want to see on The X-Factor?!

Pete Wentz Reveals Divorce Struggles, Pill Addiction, and Paranoia

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered May 09, 2013

Mr. Pete Wentz has a lot to be grateful for these days. The 33-year-old Fall Out Boy bassist recently revealed to Rolling Stone that his divorce with Ashlee Simpson left him down in the dumps, paranoid, and addicted to prescription pills. "I was probably physically and mentally addicted," Wentz told the magazine. "It started from insomnia and anxiety from flying, then it spiraled."


The couple split in February of 2011, while the band was on hiatus, "I felt like a loser already," he said. "I'd basically gone from being the guy in Fall Out Boy to being the guy, who, like, hangs out all day. I didn't see how I'd ever come out on the other side."


Pete opened up about how his addiction ended up spiraling out of control and left him feeling paranoid, "I was scared of everything. I thought there were always people listening to me," he confessed. "Like, I had my house searched for bugs. It was crazy."'

He also spoke about how having his son Bronx Mowgli changed him: "You're up in the morning, and you have to really be there, it's not like getting up for a radio interview. In some ways, that was super helpful for my soul."

We're glad that Pete is doing so much better, we missed him! In case you are wondering, things are still going steady with him and his 24-year-old model girlfriend Meagan Camper

Did you know that Pete was struggling so much? 


EXCLUSIVE: RadioDriveBy 'One You Want' Q&A

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered May 06, 2013

RadioDriveby have just premiered a new music video for the single, "One You Want" over on PopCrush -- and we got to as the band a few things about the new project. Take a look at our exclusive Q&A with the band and watch the video here! 

What inspired the 50's themed shoot (matching suits, black and white)

The song itself really drew us to the concept for the video, and it seemed natural to have that vibe matching the track. “One You Want”has a lot of funky guitar work, dance-rhythms, and overall a retro feel. So, we wanted to capture the story in the song with the music video, and do something really different.

Who is Yellowbox?

Yellowbox is a film company created by our friend Cory Davis, who directed and shot the video with us.

It looks like a short film mixed with a video, screaming 30 seconds to mars... any inspiration from them or other bands alike?

Definitely. The thing is we ended up shooting a TON of footage for the video, at a bunch of locations over about 5 days. So, we wantedto create a very cinematic feel to the video, and build imagery and a story around it. We wouldn’t really say it’s a “short film,” but definitely is not your average music video.

Where did the filming take place? 

While it looks like New York City and Las Vegas at times, all of the scenes were filmed in Arizona. Some of it was out in the downtownarea, other parts were at hotels and casinos, and the performance shots were in a production studio.

What is the storyline behind the video?

We didn’t have a big, intricate storyline planned out for the video, but instead wanted to use imagery and certain shots to create a“world” and take you back in time. The story in the video begins with the band exploring the town on a night out. Then, we go to an interaction with a girl who is trying to get Trent’s attention, and “play the game.” Taking from the lyrics of the song, he’s the “one she wants,” and ultimately you never know exactly what happened. It’s a mysterious video.

What can we expect from the next RDB video?

Something completely different! Both in sound and style. We like to mix things up.

What do you think of the new music video?

Buzznet Breakdown: May 5

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered May 05, 2013

Sunday has crept up on us once again but you know what that means! It is time for the Buzznet Breakdown! Here is where we share some of our fave posts from the past week. We love all the posts we get each week from our members, Buzzmakers and staff it is so hard to choose 10! Here is this weeks breakdown:

10. Pop Culture Photos We'll Never Forget

There are so many pop culture moments we will never forget! Who could ever forget these three being BFF! There are a lot more moments that will go down in pop culture history for you to see here

9. Youtube Evolution Of: Mayday Parade

We love Brittany's YouTube Evolutions each week! This week was Mayday Parade and she took us all the way back to 2006. 

8. Adorable Alert: Pop Stars & Pups

Pop stars and puppies are two of our favorite things! Here is a cuteness overload for you.

7. Makin' Memories: Disney Childhood Fun

Since May is all about "makin' memories" here at Buzznet user Tina shared her Disney memories with us! We

6. Steal Her Style: Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has great style and we love her! Why not steal some of her looks for your own? User Nicole G shows us how :)

5. Jennifer Lawrence Goes Fresh-Faced At The Great Gatsby World Premiere

We LOVE JLaw here at Buzznet. When she stepped out looking flawless with no makeup on at the Gatsby premiere we loved her even more. Who needs makeup when you look that amazing at all times? 

4.Babies That Are Way Cooler Than I'll Ever Be

All of these babies are dressed to the nines and are cooler than us. But that's okay because they are still cute and look fab!  

3. Beauty Tested: BUZZNET Approved! Hayley Williams MAC 'Riot Gear' Polish

We can't get enough of the Hayley Williams MAC collections. This nail polish was amazing!

2. Celebrities' Transformational Covers 

WOW! We couldn't even recognize some of these celebs! Could you?

1. Last Questions With Cody Simpson

Cody Simpson stopped by and answered some of our last questions! He was great and so fun to hang with! 

Don't forget to check back in next week to see if your post made our top 10!

Adorable Alert: Pop Stars & Pups

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered May 03, 2013

You wouldn't take the Buzznet office the type to hang up One Direction posters, oh but do you have us pinned all wrong. The recent inspiration for these beautiful pictures comes none other than the boys of 1D in matching sweaters holding up the cutest puppies you could imagine. 

We got curious as to who else has done these amazingly cheesy puppy shoots and there is really some gold in celebrities and puppies in photoshoots. Take a look below! 

One Direction

Backstreet Boys & N'Sync

Jonas Brothers

Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato

Selena Gomez & Nick Jonas


Miranda Cosgrove of iCarly

Justin Bieber

Dylan & Cole Sprouse


Victoria Justice


Shaun Cassidy

Miley Cyrus

Nick Jonas


The Wanted




Big Time Rush

What is your favorite Pop Star and puppy pose?! 

EXCLUSIVE: Gold Fields' Amoeba Adventure

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered May 02, 2013

Take at look at our recent trip to Amoeba Music in Hollywood with Gold Fields. These guys caught our attention at this year's SXSW so we had to take them on an Amoeba Adventure to see where they get their musical influence. Check it out and pick up their latest album Black Sun on iTunes.  

For more on Gold Fields watch their live acoustic sessions with PureVollume.

What are you favorite records?

20 Hot Guy Poses Vs. Dog Poses

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered May 01, 2013

We loved user Gavreel Monroe's post '20 Male Models Poses vs Kitten Poses' so much that we had to go ahead and do the same with dogs! These hunky dudes have some steep competition with cute furry friends. We can't decide what we like to look at more the hotties or the dogs, both are super cute! Take a peek through below and see all the amazingness for yourself! 

What is your favorite Hot Guy Vs. Dog Pose picture of them all?!

We Have All Time Low Spring Fever

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered May 01, 2013

All Time Low's co-headlining tour with Pierce The Veil is in full swing and we caught the Spring Fever! The only cure we can think of is a full fledged throwback which includes re-watching all of our old ATL videos from years past. We know you dedicated fans do this on a regular basis, so we're going to be tweeting out our favorite ATL Buzznet videos over the next 31 days!

Be sure to follow us on Twitter!  

Oh and feel free to tweet us back and get the boys involved with the hashtag #BuzznetSpringFever while we relive their early days. We all love some All Time Low history and hopefully this will curb your Spring Fever!

Here's our first pick, "Don't Start A Band With Jack Barakat."

What is YOUR favorite All Time Low Buzznet video?

Little Miss Sunshine Is Grown Up And Loves All Time Low

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered Apr 30, 2013

Holy Buzznet! The once tiny little sweet-pea also known as Little Miss Sunshine, also known as Abigale Breslin has become a stunning young lady! When did that happen? 

The 17 year-old actress attended the All Time Low concert in NYC last week and tweeted

The lucky gal snapped a photo with the ATL boys and Jack even instagrammed the photo! No matter what she does we will always adore her because:

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