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What If These Celebs Had Telekinesis?

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered Oct 08, 2013

What would you do if you had telekinetic powers?   Maybe you’d toss a cheating boyfriend across the room, or add an hour to a parking meter with your mind? In the new Stephen King thriller, Carrie, we get to see Chloe Grace Moretz control thoughts and create chaos   - which makes us wonder… What if THESE Super Celebs had the gift of Telekinesis?

Ms. Miley Cyrus  

Miley already seems to be controlling the pop scene these days, so we are pretty sure her twerking is a super power in itself.  But maybe she would be able to erase memories from your mind – like her performance at the VMAs.

Keanu Reeves 

He’s already shown us he can bend a spoon with his mind and stop 100 bullets from hitting him, but what would happen if he could convince the world he is worthy of an Oscar?



It’s already started.  Madge is currently using her tremendous mind-bending ability to convince the world that she’s only 32.

Charlie Sheen

We’re pretty sure Charlie also has the ability to erase thoughts from your mind.  The 48-year old actor has had some pretty HUGE PR fouls, yet he is still #winning over giant car companies for endorsements and has one of the hottest reality shows of the year.

Gisele Bunchen

What if Gisele was a mind-controlling fire-starter, which enabled her to set ablaze the pom poms of every NFL cheerleader who spent a little too much time ogling Tom Brady?

Farah Abraham

Try not to think about what this Teen Mom would be like with extra-sensory powers.  Obviously, most of her time would be spent convincing her professor at DeVry to let her pass, but after that she could go back and convince her parents that having a child at a young age was a good thing.  Kids – take note. STAY IN SCHOOL AND DON’T GROW UP TOO FAST.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan’s would probably take control the Internet – stopping the flow of needy fans that create endless GIFs and Memes in his honor.  That kind of power could lead to the end of the world, as we know it.

For more telekinetic fun, definitely go see Carrie when it opens in theaters everywhere.

BUZZNET Block Party: Parachute Part 1

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered Oct 07, 2013

Take a look at Parachute's brand new block party. We will have part two for you tomorrow.

Be sure to pick up their new album Overnight on iTunes now! 

What was your favorite moment?

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Exclusive Sneak Peek Of Anthem Made's Fall 2013 Line

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered Oct 04, 2013

Today marks a very special day, Anthem Made is releasing their highly anticipated Fall 2013 line at 6PM PST. We've teamed up with Anthem to give you an exclusive sneek peek of the items that will be available for purchase later today! The new line has a perfect arrange of clothing for both females and males to rock this fall/ winter.

WE WANT IT ALL! Get your credit cards ready and head on over to AnthemMade.com at 6PM PST today and purchase your favorite Anthem Made Fall 2013 items.

What is your fall must have?

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Recap Of Our TAY-kover! Tay Jardine Of We Are The In Crowd

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered Oct 02, 2013

Yesterday the adorable Tay Jardine of We Are The In Crowd took the reigns of our Instagram account to show us what the band has been up to. They are currently recording in Los Angeles and Tay gave us a taste of what it's like to be in WATIC.

First we had breakfast....

Breakfast. @tayjardine style :)

Then we decided on wardrobe for the day...

These goofs wore WATIC shirts to the studio. #laundryday @robchianelli @omgzitsjordan

Then we caught up on some Breaking Bad...

Wut duhh?!

Then we really got to work...

So close to finishing this record. It's a matter of hours! Hope you're all as excited as we are! @mikeferri @feldy67 @iamtommyenglish @zakkcervini 

And then it was time for selfies, cause reasons.


"Ohmahgerd Tay more selfies!" Fine. Emoji inspired. There! 

Then more work...


Serious tuning. Serious. @cameronhurley @jordaneckes


 In case you were wondering...

 And we finsihed off with more snacks!

Mall rats. @omgzitsjordan @robchianelli  

Special thanks to the band for entertining us all day! Let's do it again soon!

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EXCLUSIVE: Nick Santino Premieres New Song 'Goddamn'

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered Oct 01, 2013

Nick Santino (of A Rocket To The Moon) has always been a favorite over here at Buzznet, and we're THRILLED to have a new song from his new project. Nick's new venture, Nick Santino & The Northern Wind is romantic, beautiful and exactly where we think he should be going next. So sit back, relax and take a listen to "Goddam."

Pre order "The Ones You Meet Along The Way" here on iTunes. 

What do you think of the song?

EXCLUSIVE: Mayday Parade 'Monsters In The Closet' Album Preview

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered Oct 01, 2013

We're only a week away from Mayday Parade's new album, Monsters In The Closet! To give you an idea of how amazing it will be, take a listen to a preview of the brand new record below. Be sure to check them out live on the Glamour Kills Tour this fall. 

Also for more from Mayday Parade, our friends Absolute Punk are hosting a live chat with the band at 8 PM EST/ 5 PM PST. You don't want to miss out on that! 

Pre order Monsters In The Closet here or pick it up Octoeber 8th. 

What do you think of the new album so far?

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Meet Your New Best Friend, Chloƫ Grace Moretz!

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered Oct 01, 2013

Chloe Grace Moretz is just about the coolest chick in Hollywood - and for some seriously good reasons.   Not only can she act, but the girl also has tremendous style AND can nail an interview – all before she’s old enough to vote.

Need more evidence that Chloe is the greatest 16 year old in the universe?  Read on…

1. She’s Effing Hilarious.  Not only does she have all of the best catch phrases in Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2, but she’s also proved her comedic timing is that of a seasoned actor with her recent guest stint on 30 Rock.  If you can hang with names like Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, AND Tina Fey, you’ve got the gift of comedic genius.

2. She could kill you in one fell swoop.  Her recent appearance on Conan proved she is no mere mortal when it comes weaponry.  Check out the clip below – our favorite part is when she claims “I haven’t done this since I was 11”.

 3. She stars in one of the coolest videos. Ever.  If you haven’t seen Best Coast – ‘our Deal’ (directed by former child prodigy, Drew Barrymore) the emotion at the 3:12 mark, kind of makes us want to cry alongside her. 


4.  She’s 16.  It may sound kind of strange, but this wave of 16-year-old prodigies (including Lorde) makes us wonder what we did wrong in High School…

5. Because Carrie is going to scare the living daylights out of you.  We were already pumped when we heard about the new Carrie movie because Stephen King sure knows how to frighten audiences, but when Chloe was cast in the lead (as the troubled telekinetic teen) we almost pooped our pants.  Let’s hope we can keep all of that ‘excitement’ inside when the movie premieres.

6. Because she IS Hit-Girl. Try to imagine the Kick Ass films without our girl Chloe playing the role of the foul-mouthed, killing machine Hit-Girl.  It’s kinda like imaging the VMAs without Miley twerking.

7. Her style is simply off the charts.  We can’t imagine a hipper, more down to earth girl than Ms. Moretz -- and her style certainly shows that.  Fashionable hats and bright colors mixed with floral prints are her thing, so we are more than certain famed stylists like Johnny Wujek would kill to dress her for her next awards show.


We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered Oct 01, 2013

Take a look at our new "acoustic" session with ARORA live in studio! They don't use any instruments only their voices; so it was a real treat having them in. We think you will all find something to love. Afterwards be sure to check them out on FacebookTwitterSoundCloud and their official site. Watch all four new videos below and let us know what you think. 

What do you think of ARORA?

Movie Of The Weekend: Don Jon Starring The Hunky Joseph Gordon-Levitt

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered Sep 28, 2013

This weekend we are dying to see Don Jon staring one of our favorite hunks, Joseph Gordon-Levitt! It's funny, emotional and a little bit edgy aka everything we love. Throw in Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore and Tony Danza and you have an all star cast.

Have you seen Don Jon or are you dying too like us?

Our Favorite Music Videos Of September!

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered Sep 28, 2013

Believe it or not September is coming to an end. Before we dive into all of the new music October has in store for us, let's look back at our favorite music videos of this month!

Here's our Top 5 music videos for September 2013.

5. Miley Cyrus - "Wrecking Ball" (Director's Cut)

All the emotion is just amazing!


4. Tonight Alive - "Come Home"

Great to see the fun side of the band we all knew was there. 

3. Katy Perry's - "'Roar"

She swings, she sings and LOOKS AMAZING!

2. All Time Low feat. Vic Fuentes - "A Love Like War" 

It's ATL + VIC - what's not to love?

1. The Maine - "Love & Drugs"

Their videos keep getting better and better. 

What was your favorite new music video of the month?

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