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WATCH: Bebe Rexha Spills On Stage Fright And Large Crowds!

Bebe Rexha is so cool. The 24-year-old has successfully made a name for herself as a solo artist and song writer. With the release of her single "I Can't Stop Drinking About You," she has her feet firmly planted in the spotlight!

Buzznet was lucky enough to grab a few minutes of Bebe's time to chat about weird things she's signed for fans, what it feels like to performs for huge crowds and so much more!

Check out the video below!

WATCH: Bleachers Shares Stage Secrets And How To Relax!

Buzznet has followed the life and times of Jack Antonoff for years. From The Format, to Steeltrain, to Fun., and now Bleachers, he's no doubt the industry's true music man. 

We recently had the chance to chat with Jack about what it's like to play for thousands, how he unwinds after, and if he'd ever be ambitious enough to go on tour with all of his bands! 

Check out our interview below and share your secret to chilling out in the comments!

WATCH: Grouplove Talks Weird Fan Requests, Secrets, And More!

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered Aug 21, 2014

We love Grouplove! It's kind of hard to call them an indie band these days after seeing them perform in front of THOUSANDS at Lollapalooza. Lucky for us, Buzznet got to hang out with the band and get the inside scoop on things like what they carry in their pockets, hashtags, wierd fan encounters, the band they'd love to be in if grouplove didn't exists and so much more!

Check out our interview below and let us know your silly secret in the comments!

WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Trims Jared Leto's Beard And We're Green With Envy!

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered Aug 21, 2014

No fair! 

Ok Ok...we get that Jimmy Fallon is big time and gets only top A-List stars to come on the Tonight Show, but COME ON...he got to trim Jared Leto's beard??

When the 42-year-old Oscar winning dreamboat sat down to chat, Jimmy ambushed him with clippers to give his face fur a much needed trim. 

Siiigh...yes it was amazing...yes we wish it was us...and YES you have to watch it all go down in the video below!

Do you think Jared should shave it all off and cut his hair? 


WIN: A Pair Of Tickets To FIrst City Festival This Weekend!

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered Aug 19, 2014

We know you all love music especially festivals right? Well...we have GREAT news for YOU! SPIN is giving away 2 pairs of tickets to the First City Festival that is happening this weekend on Aug 23rd & 24th in Monterey, California!'

What You Win: 

  • Two winners will each win ONE pair of tickets to the First City Festical!

How To Enter: 

That's it! Keep the tweets coming until we pick a winner TOMORROW! 

Premiere: Trash Pop Icons 'Where Did You Go' + Album Art!

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered Aug 19, 2014

When Buzznet met and hung out with the Trash Pop Icons at SXSW we knew we had befriended a super rad band with a killer sound. Fast forward five months later and we are thrilled to be premiering thier new single "Where Did You Go" off their new album, That's What She Said plus their album art, by the amazing Mike Harding!

Naomi and Nadia Zep are beyond excited and Nadia shared her thoughts on "where Did You Go."

"This song was exceptionally tricky to record. Mainly because we had never played it together and when we brought it into the studio it was just an idea Naomi was tossing around," she told Buzznet. "We ended up having to rewrite the chorus and restructure the song (the same day we recorded it) with the help and guidance of our awesome producer, Sean Lee, who thankfully had a clear vision of what the song should sound like. We were very unsure about how it was going to turn out, but it ended up being one of ours and our friends favorite tracks. So we chose it as our second single. We hope people enjoy it as much as we do."

Check out the single below...like...RIGHT NOW!

What new music are you loving these days? 

Smallpools Killing It At The Hard Rock

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered Aug 18, 2014

Buzznet was recently hanging in Chicago for Lollapalooza and was lucky enough to get invited to exclusive parties at places like The Hard Rock hotel. We saw some amazing bands, one of which, is our new obsession, Smallpools

The L.A. based indie band played to a packed house treating fans to a live performance of their hit single, "Dreaming."

Check out their performance below!

Who's your new music obsession?

Music Festival Musician Shout Outs!

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered Aug 18, 2014

Buzznet was stoked to meet a ton of cool musicians like Bebe Rexha, Young The Giant, Grouplove, Smallpools, Bleachers and Betty Who when hanging at Lollapalooza. One of the things we made sure to do was give everyone a chance to give a special shoutout to a person, place or thing that pulls at their heartstrings!

Check out the super cute video below and leave your own shout out in the comments below!

Lauren Conrad's Advice To Her 18-year-old Self

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered Aug 14, 2014

As we get older it's easy to look back and wish we had known then what we know now. Lauren Conrad is about to celebrate the 10-year-anniversary of Laguna Beach and took time to write advice to her 18-year-old self. 

The author, fashion designer, cover girl and soon-to-be bride offered her thoughts on enjoying your youth, (“When I was 18, I was in a hurry to grow up. Instead, I wish I would have taken a beat to just enjoy being young," shae shared.), wearing sunscreen, and above all, staying true to who you are. 

“For the first time you get to go off on your own and make real, conscious decisions about where you want life to take you,” she wrote. “You get to choose your school, your major, and what kind of person you’ll become. So when you’re making these decisions, be an individual. It’s the best way to discover who you really are."

What advice would you give your younger self?

WATCH: Grouplove, Bleachers, And More Share What's In Their Pockets!

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered Aug 14, 2014

When Buzznet was hanging at Lollapalooza, we ran into a ton of awesome artists in the media lounge and had the chance to find out what things they were carrying around in their pockets!

Check out what Grouplove, Betty Who, Bebe Rexha, Young The Giant, Bleachers and Smallpools had tucked in their pockets!

What's in your pocket?

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